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The main achievements of the representative office

The main achievements of the representative officeOver the past three years, employees and students/graduate students of the university have applied for such programs as summer German courses in universities of Germany, study tours of student groups to Germany, research scholarships – short-term scholarships, research scholarships – annual scholarships for graduate students, the "Mikhail Lomonosov" and "Immanuel Kant" programmes.

The following scholarships were awarded:

  • In research scholarships – short-term scholarships programme (Istomina Anna)
  • In "Mikhail Lomonosov" programme (Darzhania Boris and Khamraev Vladislav).

Also, Summer school for beginner translators was held in Tivat city, Montenegro, “K/Eine Utopie(n) mehr? Ein Forum für Junge, engagierte Literatur Sommerschule” in which the 3-rd year student of the NCFU Institute of Humanities Semenikhina Arina took part.

In 2019, six students were selected for the summer academic language program: 2-nd year students from "Translation Studies" department Arina Semenikhina and Ekaterina Kuchinsckaia already returned from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Students-translators Gerasimenko Daria, Morozova Daria, Kasparianz Olga and Nakonechnaia Sophia will go to Germaby in 2020, where they will study in the universities of Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and the University of Vechta in Lower Saxony. Besides, during Spring semester the 4-th year student Popova Anastasia was doing her exchange education course.