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Open Door Days at NCFU

Open Door Days at NCFUNCFU is to hold Open Door Days online this year, and June 19 through June 30 each of the Institutes and branch institutions is to present their programs and terms & conditions for applicants. The virtual Open Door Days will be available on the NCFU official YouTube channel as well as in the University’s official VK group.

Each Institute is going to tell about every area of training and potential employment for graduates, as well as detailed videos will be offered to instruct potential applicants regarding how to apply online (this year papers can be submitted online starting June 20).

While watching the live stream, both applicants and their parents will have a chance to ask questions via special chats to get qualified answers.

– We have introduced this online mode for Open Door Days this year, – Nikita Avralev (Pro-Rector for Strategic Development, NCFU) was quoted as saying. – And many applicants and their parents enjoyed it since they could get answers without even having to leave their homes. We believe such days will help everyone make their respective choice of their career of dreamб and make their first step into it. We, in turn, can offer them all they need for it.

To see the schedule for the streams, please click here.

The recorded videos of the earlier held Open Door Days are available on the NCFU official YouTube channel.