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NCFU Tells How to Choose Ice Cream

Aleksey Lodygin (Head, Dept for Applied Biotechnology, NCFU) told the SvoeTV Channel about how to choose ice cream, which has become the most popular product to enjoy through summer heat, both for children and adults.

– The major types of ice cream produced in our country differ, first of all, in their composition – they can either contain, or not, dairy raw stuff. The main types of dairy-based products are divided by fat content: premium full cream ice, cream ice and milk-based ice cream. Accordingly, premium full features the highest content, whereas ice cream based on milk has it at the lowest. Besides, there are products made with non-dairy ingredients, such as fruit ice, for example, – Alexey Lodygin noted.

NCFU Tells How to Choose Ice Cream

Classical ice cream can never contain vegetable oils without indicating this on the packaging. Ice cream with a substitute for milk fat can have it yet not exceeding a share of 50% of the product total weight. Ice cream with vegetable oil is much cheaper, because instead of natural cream, it contains palm oil or some other types of vegetable oil. If you want to choose a really high-quality product, then it is better to have a closer look at the packaging.

It is important to read the ingredients carefully. The first one to be indicated must be milk, cream, butter, milk powder, sugar. However, in a regular store you are not likely to buy ice cream without stabilizers (the E-ingredients) – they perform important functions, namely, increase melting resistance and the capacity to maintain shape. However, there are a number of contraindications. Ice cream is not the right choice in the event you have a cold, peptic ulcer, or gastritis. Besides, according to experts, ice cream can cause headaches because it can result in a too rapid body temperature decrease, thus narrowing blood vessels and limiting blood supply to the brain. This is why waiting a bit until before enjoying a portion of ice cream would be a good idea.